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Lesson eight: Credits

Page history last edited by graciela vega 10 years, 11 months ago

Who should you include in your credits?


Ideally you should list the folks who have helped you create the project. 

Make sure to keep a list of people and sites as you are working on your project to make the credits much easier for you at the end of the project.  You can use the credit matrix to keep track of the contributors to your project.Credit Matrix



     Name yourself if you wrote the story)


     (List yourself and other contributors)

You can list these in alphabetical order or order of importance. In Hollywood actors usually agents debate who goes first, but since this is your project you decide who goes first or not.


      (Who put the digital story in order)


     (Here you should list websites or the names of the folks who contributed images to your digital story)

Musicians/Audio Contributions

    (If you have sound bytes, music clips give the creator credit).


Please also mention CCWP on your digital story our official website is the following




Please add our logo to your credits.




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