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Lesson six: Putting it all together

Page history last edited by Fred Mindlin 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks everyone for another great day today. We have three voiceovers recorded and everyone else very close.


Wednesday will be a day to put it all together. Once the voiceover has been exported to iTunes and the images collected in a folder and imported to iPhoto, the final steps of the process begin:


1) Check your prep: there's a voiceover track in iTunes, and you know where it is and the exact length, for example, 3:43, meaning three minutes and forty three seconds; there's an Album in iPhoto with all the images you're going to use, and you know which one you want to use for the final screen. An important part of the image folder prep is to add digits from 01 on up in front of each image name, in the order you plan to use the images--this makes it much easier to format your project in iMovie


2) Launch iMovie and name your project


3) Import your final screen image from iPhoto (the Camera Icon) and set its length to 20 seconds or so LONGER than your voiceover length


That's the basic setup. Now we begin adding images IN FRONT of the final image, setting them to the correct length to coordinate with the voiceover track. The final image keeps getting pushed further and further out beyond the end of the voiceover. That's OK, as the final step we will shorten the length of that image to make it all balance out.


More details as we progress....

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